VBS 2015!!

Bethany VBS 2015 : June 22(Mon)-26(Fri) 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Registration: $30 per student 


Our VBS Theme – MOVE “What is it all about”?

We want kids to move it. “MOVE CLOSER TO JESUS”

The week of activities will take our Bethany children from bored to passionate, 

from selfish to giving, from unfocused to wide awake. This VBS week, we are going 

to be teaching the children all about the lives of some people in the Bible who 

changed direction and moved. They all had one thing in common: Somewhere along 

the way(the move), they came face to face with Jesus. They discovered who He 

was. And once that happened, there was no standing still or going back.


Time Activity

4:30pm Devotion Time (volunteers)

5:00pm Dinner (volunteers and children)

5:30pm Arrival Activities

5:45pm Large Group Worship and Praise Songs

6:30pm Activity Station – Faith Skills

7:00pm Activity Station - Crafts

7:30pm Activity Station - Games

7:55pm Activity Station – Snack

8:25pm Wrap up

8:30pm Dismissal